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Say you and your friends want to go on a trip. You each have €180 to spend, five days off at the end of November, and you'd like to see something new. How do you figure out what to do and where with the budget you have? Sure, you could do a ton of research yourself, but making travel plans and organizing the details is time consuming and difficult. So that’s where we come in: Wanderlust, a travel planning website that thinks exactly like you would when you begin planning a trip.


Let us know how much you can spend, what you're interested in, and how much time you have. Choose the date on which you want to leave and where you're leaving from. We then provide you with a complete trip, including a destination, flight, and accommodation, as well as an overview of the best things to do and see during your stay. Customize the options we recommend and book, or flip to the next trip that matches the criteria you've entered. 

About us

Our team absolutely loves to travel. What we don't like is the hassle of figuring out its logistics. When we look at the travel industry, we feel like the online experience of researching and booking a trip is nowhere near as inspiring as travel itself. We believe the fun should start from the very moment you decide to go. Wanderlust is therefore a solution to frustrations from our own experience. With Wanderlust, we aim to create a travel site that is more intuitive than any other.


Our Mission.

We believe in the power of travel. We believe in the community it brings together. By making the process of planning your trip as easy as possible, Wanderlust tries to do its part in encouraging spontaneous travel around the globe, because we believe a destination is never simply a place, but a new way of seeing things.

We can't wait to launch Wanderlust.

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